I´m Cyci Cade. I´m advertising professional, writer, and graphic designer. I write YA fantasy, fiction, and romance novels.

I´ll never forget the first time I wrote a story; I was in fifth grade. That experience enchanted me. What should be an insignificant composition became a flash story with four pages. My teacher didn´t like it very much, but who cared? She did.

Well, I had to shorten my compositions. However, it didn´t discourage me; on the contrary, it made me try harder. I like a good challenge. I like to try new things; some of them don´t work as I expect, but it doesn´t matter. I always learn new things.

I started writing articles for magazines, newspapers, and blogs. I wrote my first books in 2010 and published it in 2012. It was so amazing that I didn´t stop anymore. Writing makes me happy.

I have received 5 stars reviews from professional websites, and remarkable comments that have encouraged me.

During my free time, I like reading, watching TV series, and movies.

Oh! I have a cat named Angel that is always with me. I love cats too.

Welcome to my world!