Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Why am I trading reviews?

For a long time, I´ve been reading books and writing reviews for the books of authors I like and the ones that ask me my honest opinion. I love to read. Despite the fact that I didn´t have much time to read many books per year, I accepted the requests gladly.

Unfortunately, it hasn´t been possible anymore. I receive lots of requests, but I don´t have time to read the books. Besides, I need to read stories that are related to my books.

I´ve been busy with my book Dragon´s Quest that was published at the beginning of the year, the books that will be published soon, and the one that I´m currently writing. There are more things too as interviews, guest posts, and social media.

Because of that, I decided to trade reviews. I´ve done it for two months, and it´s working. It´s been an amazing experience. It´s been good to the other authors and me.

If you are interested, click here to know how it works.

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