Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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September 19, 2017

The Dark Side - Nocturnal Secrets #1

“At that moment, he notices how vulnerable he is in front that creature; his life
hangs by a thread—or what will remain of it if he doesn't die due to the severe burns.”

“Condemned to the eternal solitude, he wants to live his best possible life because he will have too many centuries of existence and he doesn't need to carry the weight of the guilt for had killed uncountable people to satiate his hunger.”

Ivor Alastair has many plans for his future, but they are frustrated when his parents are murdered. In danger, he cannot stay in the city he grew up and have friends anymore. Forced to move to London to live with his uncle, Ivor tries to restart his life. However, a new tragedy devastates the small family.

Alone and devastated, Ivor feels lost and without strength to move on. After a year traveling to forget his past and erase the sorrow, he discovers that it will not be so easy.

Back to London, Ivor sees his life change again when a mysterious creature with an incredibly white skin that seems made of marble and red eyes that demonstrate a frightening ferocity crosses his way.

An unexpected encounter with Arabella makes Ivor think that his loneliness will stay behind; as decades pass, he realizes that he is more alone than never.

Decided to change his story, Ivor makes a decision. He will not kill anymore! Ivor Alastair lost his parents, house, and life. Now, he will have to restart, but will it be possible?

December 2017

Love beyond Life

“I never thought that I´d have to steal a woman to marry. However, it seemed the
right thing to do.”

“It´s impressive what a man can do for a woman. I have never thought about it before, but when I saw the maid approaching, I realized that I could die for her. I could kill for her without feeling sorry for any of my attitudes to protect the woman I love.”

Sometimes many existences are intertwined, and it seems impossible to change fate.

Phillip is a successful widower lawyer who lives in London. He believes that he lost his soul mate in a car crash and will never fall in love again, but it changes when he meets Jessica. He, then, understands that Jessica is the predestinated woman to his life.

They are different. Phillip believes that a supernatural force connects them while Jessica is skeptical. Their differences don´t prevent them from falling in love and being together.

After the wedding, Phillip and Jessica take the Eurostar train to Paris, but a terrorist attack interrupts their honeymoon and separates them.

While in a coma, Phillip remembers his past life with Jessica, his struggle to marry the woman he loves, and the tragic outcome. He is right; his love story with Jessica comes from a long time and another life.

When he wakes up, he finds out that his wife is missing. Nobody knows what happened to her and an incessant search for Jessica starts. Phillip will not rest until finding his wife. He will not accept another rupture in their relationship.

He believes that they are meant to be together; they deserve a happy ending this time. However, does destiny agree with him?

March 2018

The Pharaoh 

A fated love. A life interrupted too soon. A predestination. Tut lives in an era where people worship many gods. Even counting on the gods´ help, and being considered son of Horus—the Lord of Air—it seems that nothing can protect him against his tragic ending.

Tut may be the pharaoh of Egypt, but his privilege does not keep away him from troubles; on the contrary, he has veiled and unveiled enemies, as well loyal friends and servants; his advisors seem to have their own agendas.

He believes that he is in danger in his own palace and cannot seek peace at home. His wife—also his sister—is having difficulties to conceive an heir; it seems like true love is out of his reach. As if this isn’t enough reason to make him tremble, he is smitten by a woman’s love and torn between chasing that love and wielding the sacred power entrusted to him.

To save his kingdom and the ones he loves, Tut has to return from the world of the dead to defeat a cruel resurrected pharaoh, who is the embodiment of Seth—God of chaos—and is decided to enslave Egypt. Using mythical powers and weapons, Tut will face the most difficult battle and make the hardest decision of his life that will risk his afterlife. He is willing to do anything to protect the woman he loves against the curse of his tomb.

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