Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What comes next?

I received some questions about my books and career. To answer the questions, I´ve combined the most common and then answered them.

1- Where did you pick the names of your characters?

I use baby name´s sites to find the best names that fit the story. When I want something more specific, I look for their meanings.

2- Do you have a favorite character when you´re writing a book?

I love all my characters; I created them. Sometimes I cry when they don´t have a happy ending, but I must keep the main idea. Answering your question, yes, I do have a favorite character.

3- Did you have to do a lot of research to write Dragon´s Quest? Where did you find all the information you need to create the Dragon Princes´ Series?

Yes, I did. It was very funny and I enjoyed doing the research. I learned a lot about dragons and Chinese mythology. I always admired Chinese culture and movies and after writing the Dragon Princes´ Series I´m more in love with Chinese legends. I don´t know what I´d do without the internet. LOL. It´s an endless source of information, you just need the patience to find what you want and check if the information is right.

4- Have you visited the places you mention in your books?

I haven´t but I intend to do it someday. I wish I could visit the places and take pictures while writing the book. It would be incredible and would improve the story.

5- Why did you choose dragons?

Dragons are powerful and enigmatic creatures; they can be good or evil. When I had the idea, I thought that I could explore this mythical creature in a different way. I could explore Chinese´s culture and show how a dragon is so important to that people. There are many types of dragon´s, click here to know about them a little more.

6- Will you publish Dragon´s Quest in China?

This is my intention. For now, I´ve promoted the book and worked on book #2 and #3. I also have other projects in progress as the Fantasy Fiction Scavenger Hunt.

7- Who is your favorite character in Dragon´s Quest? Liu, Wei or Kate?

I choose Kate. I love all of them but I couldn´t choose between Liu and Wei. Their relationship is too complicated and sometimes I approve and disapprove their behavior. They have to evolve and show who they really are—it will happen in the following books.

8- Will you publish other books this year?

Yes, I will. I intend to publish other two books. Sign up for my newsletter or follow my social media to know what comes next.

9- Do you have some ritual to write your books?

No, I don´t. I like to write in the morning because I think the ideas flow better in the early hours and I don´t have so many things in my mind. I try to have a balanced life, do exercises every day, eat healthy food and have good moments with my family and friends. It helps me keep a healthy and productive mind and body.

10- How do you create your characters? How do you choose the places and creates the environment?

I usually have the main idea in my mind; after that, I develop it. I look for places that best fit the plot—or create a fictional place if the case. I imagine the character´s personality according to the environment and his or her role in the story. I learn about the characters as I write, sometimes I need to change some things or add some information.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this Q&A. I´ll try to answer the questions as they arrive. Keep in touch, soon there will be news.

Meanwhile, visit fantasyfictionscavengerhunt.blogspot.com blog. It will be wonderful. Authors, submissions are open. Hunters, there will be many prizes waiting for you.

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