Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One word, six books

My book Dragon´s Quest was published two months ago and I´m very happy! It was a long and hard way to get the series ready and the first book published. I worked on the series for years; only when the six books were written that I started to edit the first book (Dragon´s Quest) and look for publishers.

Ravenswood Publishing accepted my work and offered me a good contract. I´m very satisfied! Then, I had to hold my anxiety and wait more seven months to see my book published. It worth every minute I had to wait.

I mentioned it many times but I will tell again how one simple word (dragon) became six books.

It was a Sunday night and I was watching the first season of Games of Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen was talking about dragons. Dragon. This simple word started something in my mind and I didn´t pay attention to the episode anymore. Instead, I grasped a notebook and started to write down my ideas. At the first moment, I knew three things: my book would have dragons, girls, and forest.

I didn´t start to work on this project immediately because I was working on something else. It was hard to have to wait, but it was good too. During those months, I did some research—a lot of research. I discovered an endless source of information about dragons and mythical creatures to write my book. I discovered that I had a vast material in my hands and I wanted to explore it completely.

Soon, my story gained a huge proportion and a book wouldn´t be enough—even if it had more than a thousand pages like George RR Martin´s books. Therefore, I decided that the series Dragon Princes would have six books.

Each book has different mythical places and creatures and the cursed princes Wei and Liu have to face and fight them to break the curse and restore their empire. In book #1 (Dragon´s Quest), they must go to the Palace of Jade, fight immortal warriors, and find the peach tree of immortality. It would be easier if the twin brothers weren´t in love with the same girl.

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