Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Why you must write down your goals

I´ll start this post with a question, What do you want to achieve in 2017? Have you already thought about it? If you know what you want, you can have it; if you don´t know, how do you expect to arrive somewhere?

Every year, I write my goals down. Do you why I do it? Because studies prove that those who write down their goals accomplish more than those who don´t write down their goals.

Maybe you´re asking, Does it work? Yes, it does.

Setting your intent, focusing on the outcome, and being clear about your goals can make them come true. Writing your goals down says you believe they are reachable, possible.

Let´s try?

To start, grasp a piece of paper and a pen—or pencil. The kind of paper isn´t important; it doesn´t matter if it is a napkin, a notebook, or any scrap paper.

After that, you must figure out what you want for next year to happen. Be sure your goals are valid, because you can´t ask to live in Mars if it is impossible; at least for now. However, do not be afraid to think big.

Then, compose your own list, write down your dreams, be specific. It´ll help you to achieve your goals more easily. Think about the process. How do you want a specific topic to happen? It doesn´t mean that things will happen as you described, but it´ll give you tools to make it happen.

With your list in your hands, celebrate your success; it demonstrates that you believe in your dreams. Keep your list alive in your mind, don´t forget it. Read the list sometimes and check the progress of your goals. Is there something else you can do to reach your goals easily?

We always receive the answers to our questions and directions to achieve our goals; the problem is we often don´t hear or see them, or we think that it is a coincidence. Coincidence doesn´t exist. Therefore, pay attention to your surroundings because you can receive a direction from a book, a friend, a stranger…

When you write your goals down you send a message to the universe saying that you´re ready to receive them. This process will awake your consciousness to your objectives—your brain will start to work on viable ways to achieve them.

What prevents you from composing your list?

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