Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Book review: Recreated by Colleen Houck

Title: Recreated

Author: Colleen Houck

Publisher: Delacorte Press (August 2, 2016)

Pages: 416

Blurb: Lily Young thought traveling across the globe with a reawakened sun prince was a grand adventure. Now she’s about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

When Amon and Lily part tragically, he transports himself to the Netherworld—what mortals call hell. Tormented by the loss of his one true love, he’d rather suffer in agony during Lily’s mortal years than fulfill his duty to protect humanity.

Heartbroken, Lily seeks refuge on her grandmother’s farm. Yet she can feel Amon’s pain, and she has been having dreams—dreams of Amon continually suffering.

For before he departed, Amon gave Lily something very special, an item that connects them even though they are worlds apart. Now Lily must use this object to free him, and to free their realms from darkness and utter chaos. She will do whatever it takes.

Comment: In this book, Lily lost her identity completely. In book #1 I recognized Kelsey´s voice, but in book #2 I see a broken character who doesn´t know how to act. Unfortunately, Lily became a weak character and it damaged the book a little.

She has to transform herself to save Amon; the transformation is supposed to strength her, but I just see a weak girl at the mercy of the events. The book doesn´t transport me to Duat and the lack of action is disappointing.

However, I like Colleen Houck´s books; she´s a great writer and the book has good points too.

Like the first book, Colleen Houck explores the legends wisely. There are new, interesting, and dangerous characters. There´s some tension in some chapters and I like the way she describes the gods.

It´s easy to picture what´s happening, therefore you don´t have big surprises. It isn´t a complex story, yet Mrs. Houck describes the mythological places with creativity.

Lily´s interaction with the gods and creatures is enjoyable; you have the feeling that you can see them in front of you if you close your eyes. The descriptiveness of the characters is perfect.

Some characters´ appearance surprised and enjoyed me; they have a relevant participation in the plot. I was wondering if I´d see them in this book.

It´s a quick read with a good pace and likable characters.

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