Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dangerous makeup

Women have worn makeup for a long time. Those products became part of their lives and it´s rare to find a woman who doesn´t like those girly things. Even men wear them. There are many brands that offer specific products according to our type of skin. It is wonderful! But distressing too.

How many times do you arrived in a shop to buy a foundation, for example, and looked at that large number of options without knowing which one to pick? At the end you bought the wrong one.

What type is your skin? Normal, dry, oily, or a combination of them? Is your skin sensitive? You must know your skin type, on the contrary you´ll buy the wrong product.

Another issue is, do you know the ingredients of your makeup? I don´t. Recently I was reading an article about lipsticks and their components. Waxes make the lipstick solid, colors make it beautiful, and oils make it soft. The dye carmine comes from cochineal and they get the color from pregnant female bugs. Cochineal insects also color food and drink.

Nowadays, makeup is supposed to be harmless. Some sensitive people can have a bad reaction, but it doesn´t happen frequently.

What if the makeup contained lead salts? Would you use them to line your eyes or whiten your face?

Well, ancient people used those products. Men and women in ancient Egypt painted their eyes with black and green powders to protect them from the sun and illness. The black kohl and powders they used as shadows boosted their immune system and prevented eye infection.

In ancient Egypt, cosmetics weren´t only used for aesthetic purpose, they had magical and religious purposes too. The green eye paint was made of malachite (a copper carbonate pigment) while the black kohl was made from a substance called galena (a dark ore of lead).

Through history, cosmetics have been made from a lot of ingredients. Nowadays, the components are not so aggressive and toxic; even so, we must pay attention to what we put on our skin. Which one will you choose to highlight your eyes and color your face?

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