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Who will pay for the prince´s death?

Book Review: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke. Blog Tour Organized by: YA Bound Book Tours

Title: The Wrong Prince

Author: C.K. Brooke

Publisher: 48fourteen (June 17, 2016)

Pages: 236 pages

Blurb: Two princes. One bride. A dire misunderstanding…

Geo and Dmitri are the princes of Tybiria. Though Geo is the obvious athlete, it's bookish Dmitri that yields the credit - and consequences - for slaying a foreign prince. But whose arrow really struck the boy?

Luccia Camerlane is the Baron of Backshore’s enigmatic well as Prince Geo’s secret mistress…until she learns of her disastrous betrothal to none other than his brother, Prince Dmitri.

When Dmitri is abducted by the deranged King of Llewes, star-crossed lovers Geo and Lucie must set aside their woes and differences to rescue the Crown Prince from the formidable Wintersea fortress. A precocious castle ward, a fascinating love-quadrangle, and a hit-woman harlot complete this action packed rom com in another wickedly fast-paced fantasy adventure from C.K. Brooke, author of The Red Pearl and the Books of Jordinia.

Comment: Geo and Luccia embark on a journey that has everything to fail. Geo is a warrior but Luccia is only a brave woman who wants to protect the one she loves and mends her mistakes. Am I right? Well, you´ll discover that she can do much more.

In the beginning of the book has a map to guide you during Geo and Luccia´s journey, so you can place yourself—and the characters—in the story. Many authors have used this resource and I think it is creative. It helps to transport the reader to the imaginary world of the author.

C.K. Brooke starts the story with a fight—what creates some tension—and then romance and a series of misunderstandings that put the characters into awkward and dangerous situations. It´s not a complex story with complex major characters, but there´s enough going on to keep you turning the pages until the end.

Geo and Dmitri are brothers but have different personalities and desires. However, they have a strong relationship. The descriptiveness of the author is good and you can easily picture the princes, as well the other characters and the places.

Only in the end you´ll discover what will happen to Geo and Luccia´s love. They seem unable to change their fate by themselves. Will somebody else intervene?

Other interesting characters appear in the middle of the book with more surprises and new issues to keep you stuck on the book. This is a quick read with short chapters and unexpected twists.

About the author: 

C.K. Brooke is a 2015 Shelf Unbound Notable Indie author with a five-star rating by Readers' Favorite. She holds numerous fantasy and romance publications with 48fourteen, Limitless Publishing, and Elphame Press. Her lifelong passion is books - reading, writing, editing, publishing and blogging about them. When not blissing out in literary land, she enjoys info-tainment podcasts, singing, songwriting and playing the piano. She lives in Washington, Michigan with her husband and young son. There's tons to check out at the new, so come and see what she's up to! Check out her V.I.P. Readers Club (Subscribers get a free eBook!)

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