Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Funny Writing

I love mythology and everything related to this magical world. A series of Egyptian books is coming and to prepare you for a world full of ancient gods, captivating demigods, and dauntless girls, I thought I could share with you what I´ve learned from this fascinating world.

There are many interesting languages that use different systems to share people´s messages and register their history. Do you remember the prehistoric people?
They used to draw on the walls of the caverns. Those simple scribbles revealed so much of their existence and struggle to get food and keep themselves alive one more day.

Our means of communication evolved—a lot. We don´t need to draw a wall to tell the world what happened to us. We have social media, blogs, and infinite options to make the world know that we exist.

The ancient Egyptians wrote from the right to the left. They used a formal writing system that combined logographic and alphabetic elements—hieroglyphs. It´s a complex system, writing figurative, symbolic, and phonetic all at once. They represent real or illusory elements perfectly recognizable in form.

Therefore, my name should be written in this way, 'icyC'. Using the hieroglyphs, it would be something like that:

Funny, huh? A woman indicates a female person. One feather is ‘i’, two feathers means ‘y’, and the cup is ‘c’.

One figure—or a couple of them—can describe a sentence or event. A bird can mean small, bad, or weak; X can mean break, divide, or cross; a rectangle means pool. However, it isn´t so simple. Look at the image below. It´s very complicated and demands a lot of studying to decipher this enigmatic language.

Let´s try? Here is the hieroglyphic alphabet. Don´t forget to write your name backwards and then look for the correspondent hieroglyphic. Don´t forget to put a woman in the beginning if you are female or a man if you are male. 

For fun, leave a comment and tell us if it was easy!

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