Friday, August 26, 2016

It happens on Friday: Is Divergent Ascendant cancelled?

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Ascendant, the last installment of Divergent series may be cancelled due to Allegiant´s poor performance—only $66.2M domestically and $179.2M worldwide. Divergent grabbed $151M and $288.9, and Insurgent $130M and $273.2M respectively.
There are many speculations to justify the failure of the last movie:

1- Lack of chemistry between Theo James and Shailene Woodley.

2- Decrease of fans interest.

3- Shailene Woodley quit.

4- The split of the third book into two films.

You can add more items to the list. The fact is, the adaption hasn´t pleased the fans. Divergent was more loyal to the book, but Insurgent revealed a different plot and disappointed many fans. It was clear that it was a recipe to failure.

You can´t change a worldwide success so drastically without paying for the consequences. They invested much money in visual effects and forgot why Divergent series was a success. Where´s the drama? Where´s the tension between Tris and Four?

What kept me reading the book was the uncertainty about Tris and Four´ future. Would they be together? There was a lot of drama in the book. Unfortunately, they ignored it. Insurgent and Allegiant became only movies with exceptional visual effects. Sometimes they were boring.

There was a budget cut with the poor performance of film three and Ascendant would come up against big productions as ‘The Mummy’ and ‘World War Z2’. Because of this, Ascendant may be converted to a TV series with a different cast.

Let´s wait and see.