Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review: The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross

Title: The Midnight Sea (The Fourth Element - Book 1)

Author: Kat Ross

Publisher: Acorn Publishing (May 10, 2016)

Pages: 328

Blurb: They are the light against the darkness.
The steel against the necromancy of the Druj.
And they use demons to hunt demons….
Nazafareen lives for revenge. A girl of the isolated Four-Legs Clan, all she knows about the King's elite Water Dogs is that they leash wicked creatures called daevas to protect the empire from the Undead. But when scouts arrive to recruit young people with the gift, she leaps at the chance to join their ranks. To hunt the monsters that killed her sister.

Scarred by grief, she's willing to pay any price, even if it requires linking with a daeva named Darius. Human in body, he's possessed of a terrifying power, one that Nazafareen controls. But the golden cuffs that join them have an unwanted side effect. Each experiences the other's emotions, and human and daeva start to grow dangerously close.

As they pursue a deadly foe across the arid waste of the Great Salt Plain to the glittering capital of Persepolae, unearthing the secrets of Darius's past along the way, Nazafareen is forced to question his slavery—and her own loyalty to the empire. But with an ancient evil stirring in the north, and a young conqueror sweeping in from the west, the fate of an entire civilization may be at stake…

Comment: I don´t know why but I couldn´t picture Nazafareen as girl. I needed some chapters to realize and convince myself that Nazafareen was a girl. It excited me more because a thirteen-year-old girl left her family and clan—Four-Legs Clan—to follow two strangers to a distant land to become a Water Dog—a hunter of demons.

“I took a step back. I couldn´t help it. His daeva? I´m not sure what I expected. Horns and a forked tail, perhaps. A creature as ugly on the outside as it was on the inside. But they looked just like us.”

It´s a captivating story and there are no lulls; it didn´t bore you because you can´t predict what comes next. Kat Ross shows you a different and mysterious world where humans and daevas are bonded to fight evil. This strong bond has its side effects as you´ll discover during the story.

Nazafareen and Darius are complex characters. You may think that she is just a girl looking for revenge, who isn´t prepared to deal with her commitment. You may think that she´ll fail. You´ll have a great surprise. Darius keeps some secrets; he has a dark and veiled past. But his life changes when Nazafareen crosses his way.

There´s an unpredictable twist in the middle of the book that will shock and enrage you. The plot becomes more complex and the future of the characters is uncertain.

Some characters are hard to categorize as ‘good’ or ‘evil’, some of them seem to change side and you don´t know what side to pick. When you finish the book you realize that what you thought was right might be wrong.