Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tut Reborn is awarded a 5 star review

I couldn´t hold my excitement this morning when I saw a message in my cell phone, “Your Reader´s Favorite review is complete!”.

Right away, I turned on my tablet because I was very curious; I wanted to know the result and the answer to my question, “Is it a good review?” 

At that time my hands shook so badly that it was hard to read those small letters and understand the meaning of those sentences. My hands shook even more when I saw the five starts.

Well, this is it; if you want to read Reader´s Favorite review for Tut Reborn click here.

If you want to receive this book (pdf and mobi files only) for free in exchange for an honest review and comments on Amazon, Goodreads and social media, please e-mail me (I need your name and blog address). cycicade@gmail.com