Monday, July 18, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 19

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Copyright © 2016 by Cyci Cade. All rights reserved.

A month passes. I try to get involved with my subjects and accompany my mother in her excavations. As I decided to study more about archeology and Egypt´s stuff, all my mother´s books are in my tent. I haven´t returned to Anhuren´s tomb since that day. It´s too painful. Anubis—with that jackal head—haunts me during my dreams.
I must find a way to move on, even so, every night I grasp his bracelet and talk with the object as if it is a device, a way to communicate with him. I think I´m not trying to move on, I´ve just turned it harder.

It´s a Monday morning. Two days ago, my mother said that new people would arrive in the Valley of the Kings to join her team. “Our family is growing up”, she said. Family. I still wonder if she knows the real meaning of this word.

I walk toward the tent where they arranged a kind of kitchen to join them for breakfast. I´m early, I assume. They are gathered at the entrance of the tent; with them, there are two people—two men—the new members of the family, I conclude.

As I approach, one of the men turns his attention to me. I halt my pace, my heart skips a beat. It is impossible! “Anhuren?” A faint whisper escapes me.

The man is wearing pants and shirt, he has a long hair, even so, he is Anhuren. I´m positive about it! My certainty increases when the man winks at me. A laugh escapes me, my heart speeds up in anticipation.

I move forward, almost starting a running but he shakes his head and returns his attention to my mother. I halt my pace again and keep a safe distance to observe them. I can´t hear what they are saying.

Fortunately, it isn´t a long talk. My mother and other people enter the kitchen while one member of her team points to other tents indicating the way. They talk a little more. One of the strangers enters the kitchen. Anhuren, on the other hand, walks away. He heads to another tent on the other side of the camp.

I wait a moment and then follow him. What´s going on? I´m very confused. Is he Anhuren? Or am I delusional? I´ll discover it now!

Anhuren enters the tent. Without hesitation or ceremony, I enter too. I stop behind him and wait because I don´t know what to do or say. My desire is to run toward him and throw myself in his arms. I don´t. I just wait.

Slowly, he turns to me and smiles. Hesitantly, he paces toward me. “Adele.”

In seconds, tears fill my eyes and roll down. I stamp toward him, slide my arms across his waist, and rest my head in his brawny chest. “Anhuren,” I sob. “I missed you so much. What are you doing here? I saw… I saw when you left.”

He kisses the top of my head and presses me against him. “I was afraid you weren´t here anymore.” A long sigh escapes him.

I disentangle from his arms. “What happened? Did Anhur let you return?”

He turns his back to me and walks away, then he hesitates. After a long pause, he says, “I´m here, Adele.” He veers toward me. “I returned as a mortal. I´ll stay here. I came back for you, Adele.”

I wipe away my tears and hiccup. “I´m so happy. I thought I wouldn´t see you again. Never more. I talk with your bracelet every night.”

He smiles. “I know.” He crouches next to his bag. Where did he arrange a bag? He grasps something and shows it to me. “Thank you. It saved my life.”

“My arrow? How did it save your life?” I approach him.

He leaves the arrow in his bag and gets up. Holding my hands, he adds, “I´m with you now, Adele. This is all you need to know.”

Leaning forward, his lips brush mine, slowly at the beginning, as if it is our first kiss and he needs permission to kiss me. Stepping closer, I intertwine my fingers on the nape of his neck.

He is mortal now. It means we´ll have a life together, am I right? I hope so. I don´t understand what happened. A red alert flashes in my mind but I don´t let it spoil the moment. He is with me. This is all I need to know.

Pushing aside all my thoughts, I let myself get lost in his kisses, in his impressive arms. He is mortal now but he will always be my god of war.