Friday, June 17, 2016

TV Series Review: The Royals Season Two

Blurb: The 10 episodes drama is an adaptation of Michelle Ray´s novel, Falling for Hamlet. With King Simon´s death, Helena and Cyros join forces to keep the monarchy and their comfortable position as queen and new king.

Devastated, Prince Liam and Jasper, former Princess Eleanor bodyguard, look for King Simon´s assassin. Meanwhile, Princess Eleanor remains in her depressed state due to her losses and new betrayals.

Helena´s plans don´t work as she expects. As she´s about to lose her title, she has to find another way to keep her position as queen; then, she decides to frustrate Cyrus´ plans and prove that Liam and Eleanor are king Simon´s children.

Comment: Full of twists, turns and new enemies, The Royals season two starts a little slow, but the end is full of surprises when the assassin of King Simon is revealed, as well Prince Robert´s fate.

New characters join the crew like James Hill, Princess Eleanor bodyguard. I like this character, he´s older and he is there to protect her. He doesn´t have second intentions; on the contrary, he helps Imogen, princess´ friend, and Jasper in his mission to find Simon´s assassin.

Other new characters are Jeffrey Stewart and his daughter; he has a plan to destroy the royal family. However, his daughter disapproves it when she knows Prince Liam and the truth about Dominique´s death is revealed.

Ted Pryce is a big surprise; the “loyal friend” reveals a dark side. He is totally insane, haunted by his wife death. He becomes the villain of the story. This character will shock you.

Helena changes a lot. All of a sudden, she becomes a different woman. You don´t see that cold-hearted woman who was fighting for power no matter what. She seems a little fragile and resigned, but she continues strong.

Helena tries to build a relationship with her children. She tries to be a real mother. It looks a little superficial, fake, and irrational; however, it seems to work because Eleanor shows the first signs that she can change and become a better person.

Season one was better. I confess that I was a little disappointed when season two started because some things didn´t make much sense, but the last four episodes were very interesting.

Let´s wait for season 3. Will Eleanor forgive Jasper? What will happen to Prince Robert? What new surprises wait for us?