Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Movie Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Blurb: Alice returns to the whimsical world of Underland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter´s family. Stealing a machine called Chronosphere from Time, she backs in time to find the Mad Hatter´s family and prevent the Jabberwocky from killing them. She wants to change the past; soon, she discovers that no matter what she does, she can´t change the future.

Comment: In this movie, Alice takes the reins of her life; she is an independent woman who struggles to prove her value in a sexist society; she´s a dreamer like her father was. Like the first movie, nobody can stop her, neither her mother nor Hamish, the rejected suitor who hasn´t overcome the rejection; he is married, but he hasn´t moved on.

Let´s say that she returns to Wonderland to escape from Hamish; once there, she discovers that her friends are waiting for her, the Mad Hatter is sick; he is dying of a broken heart because he believes that his family is alive and he can´t find them. He gets worse when everybody tries to convince him that his family is dead. Alice is the only person who can help him.

She makes brave decisions, faces many dangers and challenges time to accomplish her task. The other characters don´t have an impressive participation in the movie like in the first one. She has to deal with new characters like Time, the Mad Hatter when he was young and his family.

The movie is visually impressive, but the lack of action disappoints a little; things just happen without much effort and it´s a little frustrating. Some scenes don´t have the impact they are expected to have like the one when Time just decides that a person has to die and… this is it.

Alice´s costume is strange; she wears Chinese clothing but it is so… garish and strange and doesn´t work very well. I believe their intention was to shock that strict society; Alice shocked them, so it might have worked. I don´t know.

But, there´s something interesting in the movie; you´ll discover why the Red Queen has that big head, hates her sister, the White Queen, and is evil.

Well, my heart didn´t skip a beat, but I liked it.