Monday, June 13, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 14

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Sensing the ground under my feet, I open my eyes. I see the pyramids in front of me. I´m at the other side of Egypt.

“Run to the Sphinx,” Anhuren screams breaking my thoughts. He lifts his arms and makes grains of sand float in the air to form a wall of sand between us and the shadows. 
Dizzily, I move my feet to the opposite side and tilt my head up. A monstrous monument with a human head and lion body seems to swallow me. It´s scary. The human head is much smaller than the rest of the body. It´s eyes seem to scrutinize, threaten, and warn me of its dangers.

“Run, Adele!” Anhuren repeats.

“No!” I protest. I can´t picture myself entering that monument. It´s too scary.

Besides, there are legends. I read about them in those books my mother left in my tent. One of the legends says that we must decipher an enigma, if we can´t, we die. I have a better chance against the shadows, I conclude.

“Run, Adele!” He insists.

There´s something in Anhuren´s voice that makes me move forward. Before I notice, I´m running between the legs of the Sphinx. Shadows appear in front of me blocking my way. I shoot them. As the arrows cross the shadows, they disappear. I keep shooting them, however, I don´t run out of arrows. This is my god of war!

I enter the Sphinx, Anhuren comes soon after me. It´s dark here but Anhuren snaps his fingers and light appears on the roof as if many bulbs shone at the same time.

A mix of yellow and dark thing moves toward the entrance of the Sphinx like a sand storm. The shadows are carrying the sand wall toward us.

“Which way?” I ask as I go deeper inside the Sphinx.

“Down!” Anhuren runs encouraging me to go forward.

I take a damp, slippery, and narrow corridor. I go first, Anhuren is on my heels. It´s hard to breathe, I just want to stop. The damp air is suffocating me, I feel the walls closing in on me. I start to breathe through my mouth, my palms get wet and my heart seems on the verge of exploding inside my chest. I´m panicking. I can´t go forward. I stop.

“Go, Adele!” Anhuren puts his hands on my waist encouraging me to move.

“I can´t!” I cry.

“We are almost there. We´ll be safe when I return the Eye of Horus to its place.” He walks dragging me with him, my feet slide on the slippery ground.

The corridor widens. Anhuren holds my hand and pulls me with him. We enter a large hall, like the ones in the museum. There are many statues with bodies of men but heads of animals, different kinds of animals, crocodile, dog, ram… they´re gods. I can´t name them. I need to study more about Egyptian culture if I´ll live in this country.

He rushes to a wall full of figures and stops in front of it. Hieroglyphs. He puts a finger on the wall and moves it from the right to the left reading the figures in his language.

I don´t understand a word he´s saying. I don´t understand the meaning of those figures, a bird, a leg, a snake...

“We are near the sunken chamber. There´s a well to the sunken chamber and then a corridor to the other side of the Sphinx,” he concludes.

“What that means?” I keep my eyes on the wall trying to discover how those hieroglyphs revealed so much information.

“We are near Osiris´ tomb.” He walks away dragging me with him.

“You won´t unearth Osiris, will you?” I ask as I jog to keep up with him.

Anhuren stares at me with a serious expression, as if I had desecrated a tomb. “No, of course not! I´ll return the Eye to Osiris. He´ll protect the Eye of Horus.”

“Just asking.” I shrug. I´ve seen so many things that I wouldn´t be surprised if Osiris resurrected either.

Anhuren stops, his body freezes. Panic possesses me. “What´s wrong?”

“They found us.” He starts to run to the other side of the chamber.

“I thought we were safe inside the Sphinx. I thought all those statues were there to protect the place,” I protest.

“So did I. It seems the evil is stronger than I imagined.” His fingers tighten around my hand. It hurts.

I hear a sound like a hiss; cold reaches my back like hands caressing me, making my hair stand on end. I move faster. Fear possesses me, that kind of fear we can´t explain. I´m running more than Anhuren, my sweaty hand escapes from his tight grip.

As we turn to the left, I skid on the slippery ground and lose my balance. What I hadn´t noticed was that the well Anhuren mentioned was so close. I wave my hands in the air trying to find something to hold on. I fall in the well.

At the last second, Anhuren grasps my wrist. As I dangle to the sides, my shoulder cracks and pain spread through my arm. I don´t know how long I´ll support it.

“I´ll pull you, Adele!” he screams. “Hold on!”

Shadows approach him. Anhuren has to fight them and hold me, his light is weak because he can´t use both hands, he can´t channel all his power to fight the shadows. He is using part of his power to protect me, to prevent the shadows from approaching me, and to heal my body. It´ll kill both of us.

“Release me!” I scream. “You can´t fight them while you´re holding me.”

He does. Without any hesitation, he opens his hand.

I sense his fingers loosening around my wrist and my body moving down. It was not what I meant. I am falling. I am screaming at the top of my lungs. I move my hands against the wall trying to slow down my fall. I´m going straight to the sunken chamber.

Shadows involve him, his light dwindles away to nothing. Darkness involves me. I´m alone. Again.