Monday, June 6, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 13

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Copyright © 2016 by Cyci Cade. All rights reserved.

When the light and heat are gone, I open my eyes. First I check if I´m dressed, my clothes are okay. Soon after, I feel cold involving me and I veer to my left side where Anhuren was because I think he´s gone. I´m wrong, he´s still there, studying me.
I erect my body. “What was that?”

“I found the Eye of Horus!” he says and approaches me in a very excited way that startles me. “Thank you, Adele. I´m going to complete my mission!”

“Wait a moment!” I lift a hand and my palm touches his vast chest. My eyes follow my hand and my imagination gains wings while I scrutinize those muscles in a very blatant way. Focus, Adele! I move my eyes to his lips. It isn´t a good place either. I move them up and look straight in his eyes. “I helped you as you asked me. Now, it´s your turn. You´re going to take me with you.”

He shakes his head. “No! It´s too dangerous!”

In a fluid and almost imperceptible movement, I grasp his weapon and hold it firmly. “You´re taking me with you!” I command.

He presses his lips together and looks outside. It´s getting dark. Turning his attention to me, he holds my bow and quiver with the arrows, and whispers some words I don´t understand. His weapon warms up burning my palm. I release it.

“What are you doing?” I protest.

“Now, you have a proper weapon to fight what we are about to find on our way.”

He pulls me against him, my face collapses against the vast chest I was admiring seconds ago. Then, we are in another place. Why is it so fast? I think when he releases me and walks away.

“Where are we?” I ask as I follow him through the ruins of a city.

“The Eye of Horus is buried here.” His weapon starts to shine as if guiding him.

“Don´t tell me we´re going to another cemetery! Won´t you dig up a corpse, will you?” I trip and fall, or I´d have fallen if Anhuren hadn´t caught me.

I´m in his arms, my lips just a few inches from his mouth, our eyes connected, and our hearts beating in the same rushed rhythm. One single movement and my lips will touch his. Just one single movement. As I move forward, Anhuren straights his body and pushes me on my feet. As I gain footing, I´m very distant from him.

He rushes to the other side of the ruins and stops. “This is the place.”

I stop next to him. Before I have time to ask something else, he starts to chant. Earth moves under my feet. Rocks move, as well what is under the earth; it seems an earthquake. I see a sarcophagus emerging God knows from where. It isn´t like his sarcophagus, it´s smaller, poorer. After some cracks, the lid slides to the side revealing a mummy, dust floats in the air. I cough.

Argh! It´s disgusting! I can´t believe Anhuren looked like that one day. Even so, I want to kiss him. Desperately!

A blue light comes from the body and dances in the air. It´s beautiful. At the same time, it seems translucent and solid. I can see through it, but I also can touch and sense it, I assume.

The light comes toward Anhuren. He opens his hand and the light rests in his palm. When the light is gone, there´s an eye-shaped blue rock in his palm.

Still mesmerized by its beauty, I stretch my arm toward the stone—but I don´t touch it—and ask, “Why didn´t you ask Tutankhamun where the rock was?”

Anhuren stares at me and lifts an eyebrow.

“What? Don´t you both have eternal lives? Don´t you take servants, treasure, weapons, and many things to the afterlife?” I shrug.

“Afterlife isn´t what you think, Adele. It´s…” He turns to the sides.

Earth moves again, this time with more intensity. It´s hard to keep balance. “Tell me you´re doing this!”

“I am not!”

I didn´t want to hear that either.

“They´re here!” It is all he has time to say.

All of sudden, shadows emerge from earth and surround us. Anhuren presses the blue rock against his chest and it´s gone. He lifts his arms and starts to chant, light comes from his entire body and runs to his hands. He shoots light against the dark creatures.

I grasp an arrow; it´s shining, like Anhuren´s body. I check my own body to see if I´m shining too. No, I am not. I prepare the arrow and shoot the first creature that crosses my way. Differently from the other time in the museum, my arrow can destroy the dark shadow now. I release an arrow after another in a frantic way. I hit the shadows, but they keep appearing, growing, and becoming stronger.

Anhuren slides his arm across my waist lifting me from the ground, we are flying. We move like shreds of paper in a tornado. He keeps turning around and shooting light against the shadows to keep them away from us.

My head spins. I feel nauseated. I close my eyes and bury my face in his chest as we move fast. I feel like Dorothy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz when a tornado transports her to the Land of Oz.

I wonder where we´ll land. What comes next? Anhuren found the Eye. What is supposed to happen now? How will we defeat those shadows? Are they the nine bows Anhuren mentioned an hour ago?