Monday, May 2, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 8

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Copyright © 2016 by Cyci Cade. All rights reserved.

The taxi driver drops us in front of the museum. I pay the driver—much money. I wonder how I´ll return to the Valley of the Kings if I have just ten Euros in my pocket. I´m about to protest and say to the driver there´s something wrong, I don´t have time. He presses the gas pedal and goes away before I say the first word.Breathing out, I join Anhuren, he´s examining the building. It´s very big, beautiful, and impossible to enter without a ticket. Will we wait until it opens? How will I buy our tickets?

Anhuren approaches me, his arm sliding across my waist and pulling me against him. He isn´t cold, I guess. Why is he hugging me? I don´t have time to ask anything; when I notice, darkness involves me again. I shut my mouth in order not to scream at the top of my lungs. There´s a moment when I don´t sense my body and it is as if I just don´t exist. Well, I exist but without a body. I wonder what will happen if something go wrong during the process. I wonder how it works.

Then, I sense my head knocking the floor, pain spread though my skull and a very heavy body on top of mine prevents my lungs from working properly.

I blink once, twice. Anhuren remains immobile on top of me. Again, his lips are just a few inches from mine. It has become a habit. He´s gasping for air, so do I. However, I like this proximity. It´s hard to admit but I like him. I feel for him things I´ve never felt for anybody else. I can´t explain it. I like when he touches me.

I touch his bare skin and run my hesitant hands across his sides to his back. He looks in my eyes and I see something else, a different gleam. He likes my touch too, I assume. He likes this proximity; on the contrary, he´d have already moved away.

Encouragement possesses me and I lift my head. My lips touch his and when I´m about to move my lips in a kiss that has everything to be the most incredible kiss—my first kiss—he pushes himself to his feet and steps backward gaining distance from me so quickly that I almost don´t notice the movement. I see horror in his eyes. He keeps a safe distance from me as if I´m the most repugnant creature of the world.

“Why did you do that?” He asks in a tone that… it makes me think that I violated, desecrated a holy place.

“W…What?” I squeal, tears springing to my eyes.

I never thought rejection hurt so badly. With my cheeks on fire, I turn to the side to hide my face and get up. Pushing myself to my feet, I encounter a head of a cow with big horns staring at me. I scream and step backward, almost running.

Anhuren holds my waist, steadying me. “Shh. You call too much attention. Why are you always screaming?” he reprimands me.

What can I say? I feel miserable. First, he rejects me, then he reprimands me. Why am I here? Oh! He said that he needed my help.

“This cow scared me.” I point to the statue.

“This is the cow goddess,” he whispers.

I approach the statue, it´s from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Next to the cow, there´s a head of Amenhotep III, and other sculpture from Amenhotep III with Sobek—the crocodile god.

“I need to find my canopic jars,” Anhuren interrupts me. “Do you have any idea where they are?”

I turn to him. “I believe they are in the conservation section. According to my mother, all objects… they call them artifacts, not objects.” I correct myself. “The artifacts go to the conservation section before being exhibited.”

He frowns. “Why will they exhibit my insides? Who wants to see them?”

I frown too. “Yeah, I don´t understand it either.”

He turns around. “Let´s find this place, I don´t have much time.”

As we walk along the corridor, I look to the objects. I wonder if they are original or just replicas. There´s a statue of Akhenaten, Rameses III, god Lunyt, Horemheb… We take another corridor and there´s a wall with shelves and many small sculptures, jars, masks… At the other side, there are weapons inside a structure surrounded by walls of glass. And then, there it is… Tutankhamun´s burial mask.

My jaw drops open as I approach. I heard that it´s made of gold in his image. They used to make these masks in order to the spirit recognize the body. The mask weights 24lbs and is 21 inches height and 15 inches wide. It is made of gold, which is inlaid with semi-precious stones, colored glass paste, and the eyes are made with obsidian and quartz. The back is chased with many spells from the Book of the Dead.

Is the Book of the Dead real? I thought the movies created that legend…

“Adele!” I hear a rough whisper.

Anhuren is at the other side of the corridor, waving his hand at me.

I jog to catch up with him but then he moves fast to my encounter. I hear footsteps and I believe they don´t belong to Anhuren.

“Run!” he whispers as he grasps my hand and drags me to the other side of the corridor. “Guards,” he adds at last.

Rounding the corner, Anhuren slows down his gait and falls to his knees, his hand releases mine. “Run!” he gasps.

“Anhuren!” I return and crouch next to him. “What happened?”

“My energy is gone.” His voice fails. “Run, Adele. They can´t find you here.”

“Not without you.” I put his arm around my shoulders and try to lift him.

What am I thinking of? I´m not strong enough to drag him through the corridor. I barely can move his body a few inches. The noise of the footsteps grows louder. They will catch us. I try again. I shake my head. I won´t leave him behind.

All of a sudden, Anhuren holds my shoulders and pulls me toward him, his lips touch mine. I believe this isn´t the best moment for a kiss, however, I don´t dare to protest. I´ve been waiting for this kiss since the moment I saw him for the first time, when I tried to cover his naked body with my coat and he called me servant.

At the beginning, his lips are cold, but then, they warm up, as well my body that seems on fire. I sense a revolution inside me as if he´s sucking my soul through my mouth. At the same time, it´s painful and delightful. A mix of sensations crosses me; I feel fear, love, and hope. I am where I want to be, in his arms.

When I think he´ll deepen the kiss and I´ll enjoy the moment still more, I lose control of my body. My head drops back, my arms dangle at my side, my vision blurs, and I hear his voice.

“I´m sorry, Adele.”