Monday, May 23, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 11

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A week passes. I´m adapted to my new routine. I hadn´t thought that I´d get used to live in the Valley of the Kings so easily. It scares me. My mother arranged internet connection and I´m in touch with my few friends from London. It´s incredible, but they think that to live in Egypt is fantastic. I didn´t tell them a word about Anhuren—the best thing that has happened to me during the last month.
As my classes haven´t started yet, I spend part of my day accompanying my mother in her excavation, the other part practicing with my bow, and a few hours visiting Anhuren´s tomb. I go there every day.

To my surprise, my mother and her crew didn´t return there. It seems they forgot the tomb. I believe Anhuren did something to protect the place after it has been violated. The tomb is the same—empty. What do I expect to find there? Anhuren didn´t return from his mission, I assume. Will he return some day? What will happen to him after accomplishing his mission in this world? Will he return to the afterlife?

During the night, I read some books about ancient Egypt, gods, pharaohs, and that stuff. I confess that the dry-hot-cold-strange land has it´s enchantments. I wonder if all those gods really existed or they are only figment of their imagination.

I shouldn´t be asking these questions because I knew Anhuren, a prince of ancient Egypt, who has powers and claims to be the embodiment of Anhur—god of war.

That´s why I didn´t tell my friends a word about Anhuren, it´s hard to believe in this story. If somebody told me a story like that, I´d think that person was crazy or joking. No, I can´t tell anybody a word about Anhuren and the kiss I swear that happened, but he denies.

Like the other days, it´s time to go to Anhuren´s tomb. I don´t know why I keep going there. It just hurts me. I must forget him. He said that I´d forget him the moment the effect of his influence vanished. Why doesn´t it happen? How long will I have to wait for this to happen?

Looking to the sides, I check if nobody is observing me and I head to his tomb carrying the bow and arrows with me. I memorized the way. The first time I went there alone, I got lost, but now, I´d find the way with closed eyes.

My mother said there are many traps in these tombs. She showed me how to localize them; at least the ones she knows. As the archeologists have already explored this part of the Valley of the Kings, there aren´t traps, I assume.

I´m taking a risk going there alone; I can´t help but keep going there until I encounter him again or forget him as he promised.

A noise startles me and I halt my pace. Thinking that somebody is pursuing me, I look back. I´m alone. I go forward and take the way to Anhuren´s tomb. Minutes later, I hear the same noise. Turning around, I don´t find anybody. It´s scaring me. I speed up. I half jog and half run toward the tomb. I must take the opposite direction instead. I don´t.

A few feet from the tomb, I see a bright light. Are the archeologists working on his tomb? No! I can´t allow it. They can´t violate his tomb again. They can´t destroy the only place I feel a connection with him.

Gasping for air, I run, trying to find a good reason to be here alone and to make them stop working on his tomb. I don´t know what I´ll say, I just have to say something, do something.

I enter the tomb like a storm and command, “You can´t do this!”

“Why did you take so long, Adele? I´ve waited for you the whole day.” Anhuren turns to me and smiles.

I open and close my mouth without making any sound. I can´t say if I´m happy or furious. I can´t name the feeling that possesses me. I expected to find anybody else here, except Anhuren.

Why am I surprised? Isn´t this his place? Have I not come here to find him? Why am I speechless if I have so many things to say to him?

“Anhuren?” A faint whisper escapes me at last. “What are you doing here?”

He walks to my direction. “I can´t ignore your call, Adele, not anymore.”

“My call?”

He nods. “Why do you keep coming here?”

I grit my teeth. Now, I can name my feeling, it´s anger. “You said that I´d forget you. It didn´t happen, on the contrary, I think of you every minute of my day and night.”

He lowers his head with a somber expression. “I´m sorry, Adele. It wasn´t supposed to happen.”

I´m sorry? Is this all he has to say? I throw my hands up. Without saying a word, I walk back and forth. It´s frustrating. It is! I shouldn´t have come here. It is a big mistake; it´ll only hurt me more.