Monday, May 16, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 10

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Copyright © 2016 by Cyci Cade. All rights reserved.

I just hear… silence; the heat is gone, as well that oppressive sensation. I´m safe, I assume, as well Anhuren. He made it. He defeated the bad guys. He´s my hero. I dare open my eyes and stare at Anhuren. We are back in my tent as if we´ve never left. “How is it possible? A second ago we were in the museum and now… How didn´t I feel anything?” I ask while turning around, still wondering if it was a dream or a hallucination.

“I was weak, that´s why you felt the transportation. I´m sorry for the inconvenience. I didn´t want to inflict you any damage. I´m sorry for having involved you in this situation. It wasn´t supposed to happen. My presence in this era should be kept unnoticed.” He walks back and forth, he seems nervous.

I return my bow to its box, no more arrows to practice. “It´s okay. It wasn´t so bad.” I try to soothe him. “What were those creatures? The arrows found resistance but passed through them without harming them.”

He veers to me, looking surprised by my unexpected question. Does he think that I don´t want answers to my uncountable questions? I´m a woman! I have billions of questions!

“The evil,” he says at last. “Demons sent to stop me, to prevent me from finishing my mission. You´ll be safe now. I´ll prevent them from tracking you.”

I walk and stop in front of him. I glide my hands across his broad chest in a very daring way. He kissed me, didn´t he? I suppose I have permission to do the same, to kiss him again. Am I right? No?

He grasps my wrists stopping my strokes, interrupting my initiative. I´m inexperienced but I assumed he´d like it. He steps backward, gaining space from me. “I must go, Adele. Thank you for helping me.”

My mouth drops open. What? This is it? He´ll just say, “Thank you for helping me.” No way! He owes me many explanations!

I hold up my trembling hand. “Wait a minute! What are you saying?”

“It´s time to go, Adele. I have a mission to accomplish. I´ve lost much time.” He looks determined to leave me behind.

Panic possesses me and I start to hyperventilate, to shake, to stammer. It always happens when I´m too nervous. I´m on the verge of losing my mind. It is hard to put the words together and formulate a coherent sentence. I try. “When will I see you again? Where are you going? When will you return?” He intends to meet me again, doesn´t he?

He lowers his head, maybe feeling guilty for giving me hope and breaking my heart. “I won´t return, Adele. You won´t see me again. You´ll forget me.”

“No.” I increase my tone. “No! You can´t just leave, not after having kissed me. Anybody kisses another person and just… goes away!” I protest.

He stares at me with wide-open eyes. “I didn´t kiss you, Adele.”

A sarcastic laugh escapes me. I put a trembling hand on my waist and the other on my forehead. “Okay. I lost my conscious in the middle of the kiss but I remember it very well. I still feel the taste of your mouth.” Oh, I do! “When two people touch their lips, we call it kiss.”

He lifts an eyebrow.

“Well, there is exception like mouth to mouth resuscitation. It wasn´t the case because you were the one who pulled me against you and started to…” I wave my hand in the air without finishing the sentence. “You weren´t on the verge of losing your senses, or dying. Oh, you were not! To tell the truth, you were very excited!”

He shakes his head. “I´m sorry, Adele. I see that you misunderstood my gesture. I wasn´t kissing you, I was taking your energy. It was the fastest and most effective way to borrow your energy and get power to move us from that corridor. I needed to find my canopic jars. I needed to protect you. The guards wouldn´t see me but they´d find you.”

Tears blur my vision. “You were stealing my energy while I thought you were kissing me,” I conclude aloud. “What such an idiot I am.” I go farther. “I fell in love with a man who just wanted my energy, my help.”

He approaches me. “You think you love me because you are under the effect of my influence. It´ll disappear in a couple of hours. Tomorrow you won´t remember me. You´ll be glad I´m gone.”

It´s easy to say. I stare at him. “And you? Don´t you feel anything for me?”

He hesitates. I notice it. “I´m under the effect of your turbulent emotions. When I dissipate your energy, when it´s gone, I´ll be myself again. Believe me, Adele, it´s better in this way.”

“You won´t tell me anything else? What you have to do or where you´re going? You won´t come here anymore?” I shake my head. I can´t believe it´s happening to me.

“No, Adele.” He approaches me and extends his arm with my arrows in his hand.

I grasp the arrows without asking how it´s possible. God´s things, I assume.

“Good-bye,” he says.

I don´t have arguments. I just watch him fade in front of me. The same emptiness of my father´s loss possesses me. What did I expect? He is the embodiment of a god. He is a mummy. Actually, he is dead. Of course he won´t stay. He will accomplish his task without my help now he has his powers. What can a mortal do for a demigod? He is gone and I´m alone. Again.