Monday, April 18, 2016

Free short story: Son of Egypt - Part 6

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I clear my throat to break the tension and hide my embarrassment while I shift in the cot to have a better view of his face. “Tell me about your life, Anhuren. You said that you are a son of Egypt, a prince of Egypt. I didn´t know there are princes and pharaohs in Egypt. I thought it was past.”
He lowers his head and keeps mute awhile, his arms resting on the top of his knees, the muscles of his stomach so tense that they seem made of steel. Why it´s been so long, it isn´t a difficult question, is it? At last, I hear his voice.

“Adele, what you don´t understand, or try to ignore, is the fact that I don´t belong to this era. The gods rose me to accomplish a task. I didn´t wake up in a proper environment, my tomb was violated, my shabtis and canopic jars were stolen. It´s delayed me and I´m worried about it. I´m running out of time.” He makes a pause.

Amazingly, his history makes sense. I´m not surprised at those unbelievable words. “When I asked my mother about the items they found in the tombs, she told me that they found your objects, I assume, and an empty sarcophagus. I asked her how it was possible and she said that they found the objects in the afternoon and decided to return to the tomb in the next day, when they arrived there, the sarcophagus was empty.”

“It couldn´t have happened.” He looks angry.

“I´m sorry.” It isn´t my fault but I apologize. “Tell me more.”

He nods and continues his history with a thoughtful expression. “I was too weak and sick when I was born, I´d be dead in a couple of days. Devastated, my mother pled for gods´ favor to save my life and heal me. One god heard her plea.” A faint laugh escapes him.

I shift in the cot to get a better view of his face. I try to read his face, his emotions.

He goes on, “Anhur, god of war, appeared one night. He said that he´d heal me. I´d be his son and she had to name me Anhuren, son of Anhur. He also said that one day he´d claim my life and I´d live with the gods to serve them. She accepted his offer. She changed my name and I started to put weight and become stronger.”

“What was your name?” I ask.

Curling his lips down, he shakes his head. “Neither my mother nor my father told me. She said that it didn´t matter.”

“You are son of the god of war, that´s why you are so strong,” I murmur.

He agrees with me. “I was unbeatable; nobody could defeat me. As I grew up, my father´s army also grew up and became stronger and stronger. Egypt prospered.”

“What happened?” I ask. I´m certain that something went wrong. I feel it.

“I was betrayed. I was led to an ambush,” he says in a somber tone.

“Oh.” I sigh, imagining so handsome and powerful warrior—the son of the god—discovering that he was betrayed. He was dying, seeing his life being seized without power to change his fate. He was so powerful and powerless at the same time. “Who betrayed you?”

“The Vizier.”

“Why didn´t Anhur protect you?” I ask with disappointment in my voice. I´m frustrated. Yes, I am.

“Maybe it was time to serve the gods. Who knows?” He tries to hide his frustration. He expected more from Anhur, I assume.

“What happened next?”

He shrugs. “I don´t know much, this is the first time I resurrect.” He hesitates. “I don´t remember much from afterlife.”

I have the feeling that he´s lying to me, he´s hiding something. I didn´t know that Egypt´s history was so interesting. I go on, “Tell me about your father, Anhur, the god of war.”

He stares at me. “Do you know what Anhur means?”

I shake my head.

“Who leads back the distant one.” He blinks. “That´s why I was chosen for this mission,” he adds in a vague way. Without giving me time to ask something, he continues, “He is a patron of the Egyptian army, the personification of royal warriors.” With a smile on his face, he asks, “There´s a legend about him, do you want to hear?”

Yawning, I nod.

“It´s related to the ‘Eye of Ra’. Ra´s daughter left Egypt and went to Nubia in the form of a ferocious lioness. Ra missed her and sent an envoy to bring her back. When the hunter found her and persuaded her to return, he was given the name Anhur and allowed to marry the goddess.” He makes a pause. “There are other versions; I like this one.”

“Will you tell me about your mission? Why are you here? Why did Anhur send you back to life?” I fluff my pillow under my head, sleep is overcoming me.

“Anhur didn´t send me, Anubis did.” His somber tone returns.

Anubis. A new character to this history. I have a feeling that I must investigate this character. “What is your mission?” I insist.

“Sleep, Adele. We´ll have to leave soon.”

“What are you hiding from me?” I insist again.

He shifts and approaches me. Stretching his arm, he strokes my face. “You won´t want to know. Sleep.”

Fighting sleep, I try to keep my eyes open but it´s impossible. I´m too tired. I think he is compelling me again so as not to answer my questions. He is hiding many things from me. Oh, he is. I wonder why. I wonder what. Didn´t he say that he needs my help? He is the one who came after me, not the opposite. Though, I wouldn´t have any problem to go after him.

I hear a muffled laugh. Is he able to read my mind? It doesn´t matter because, in seconds, my mind is empty, only darkness involves me in a deep sleep.