Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Space Drifters: The emerald enigma by Paul Regnier

Book title: Space Drifters: The emerald enigma

Author: Paul Regnier

Pages: 320

Blurb: Space Heroes or Cosmic Rejects?

Captain Starcrost is not having the carefree, adventurous life of a star pilot promised in all the space academy brochures. He's broke, his star freighter is in dire need of repair, and there's a bounty on his head. His desperation has led to a foolhardy quest to find a fabled treasure that brings good fortune to the wearer, the emerald enigma.

Every captain needs a trusty starship and a crack team of crew members by their side. Unfortunately, the bitter pill of reality has brought him Iris, a ship computer with passive aggressive resistance to his commands; Blix, a hulking, copper-scaled, lizard man with an aversion to battle; Nelvan, a time-traveling teen from the past, oblivious to this new future; and Jasette, a beautiful but deadly bounty hunter looking to take over the ship.

Enter a charismatic and clever nemesis named Hamilton Von Drone, whose dark past has already intertwined with our misfortunate captain and left a painful scar. To complicate matters, as every good nemesis must by their evil nature do, Hamilton is employing his vast wealth on the very same quest for the emerald enigma.

Plot: Nelvan and Jasette appear into thin air in Glint´s spaceship. Nelvan is an inoffensive teen that doesn´t have any idea where he is while Jasette is a dangerous woman who tries to get full control of Glint´s spaceship. When Glint thinks he regained control of his ship and imprisoned the two intruders, they are transported to Hamilton´s ship, a mysterious man from Glint´s past. Glint finds a way to make Hamilton take them to a planet where he makes many disastrous plans to escape from Hamilton, and other enemies.

Comment: Paul Regnier describes very well the spaceships, planets, characters, and transports you to a different and futuristic world. He uses his creativity to invent social media, Spacebook, and name months, hours, minutes… differently. There are many funny things and situations.

However, the book disappointed me, I expected more from it. Glint Starcrost is an arrogant character, as I don´t like this kind of person, I didn´t feel a connection with the main character and the book.

He doesn´t explain what this emerald enigma is, even Glint doesn´t know very well what it is and how it works; even so, he wants the object. During the reading, I expected the moment somebody would give more information about it. Almost finishing the book I thought it might be a series, I had lost something, or in the next book Glint would finally go after the emerald enigma. Well, to my disappointment, it doesn´t happen.

The story and characters are superficial; there are no emotions, even in the few romantic scenes. There aren´t exciting scenes or chapters that keep you stuck on the book; to me, it´s an average book; it´s not bad nor good.