Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

Blurb: Batman doesn´t believe that the intentions of Superman are pure; soon a bitter enmity develops between them while the world struggles with the indecision if it can trust in the superhero with unlimited powers or not. In addition, a new threat, Doomsday, a monster created by Lex Luthor appears to threaten the existence of the human race. To fight Doomsday, Batman and Superman have to join forces with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis and the world.

Plot: A series of events make Superman cross Batman´s path, it has disastrous consequences; with some help, great animosity between the super-heroes takes them to their limits. While Batman is decided to destroy Superman, the man of steel has to convince Batman to fight against a common enemy.

Comment: Is Metropolis too small for two super-heroes? What about three super-heroes?

The movie is different from all I´ve watched. They invested a lot in the visual effects and it worth every penny spent; well, at least during some scenes. With new costumes and ‘toys’ the three super-heroes show the dark side of the story. Being a hero has a cost.

The beginning is a little confusing with some disconnected scenes, but the story moves forward after them.

I grew-up reading DC comics and watching cartoons. I loved League of Justice cartoons. However, I´ve never thought about one topic, what happens when a super-hero´s action affects another super-hero? Who would win this battle?

It´s the action and reaction law. As common human beings, we react when somebody interferes in our lives. Am I right? Now, take a small event to a dimensional level. It is what happens in the movie.

To add, Superman and Batman are jealous; they seem to be in a competition to win the ‘Hero of the Year Award’. Some people see Superman like a god, it disturbs Batman. On the other hand, Superman disapproves the way Batman handles some issues and the means he uses to defend Gotham City. There´s a conflict of interest.

Meanwhile, there´s a discussion about Superman´s powers and the fact that he acts according to his interests without caring about the government and its rules. The main point is, should somebody have such power and use it without supervision?

Things I liked: Batmobile; it is incredible with more resources. Costumes: they are more beautiful and fashion; I believe Wonder Woman will agree with me since her gear changed a lot for the best. Visual effects: they offer a show as always; Doomsday looked perfect as well many other scenes.

What I didn´t like: great part of the story takes place during the night, it´s too dark sometimes and many details are missed; it disturbs the visual effects too. More illumination would offer a better quality of image. I understand that Batman is older, but he could have shaved that silver beard.

The end surprised me. I didn´t expect it. I was eager for a post-credits scene, but the screen went black. No post-credits scene!

The movie won´t disappoint you.