Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: The 100 Season Two

Based upon the book by Kass Morgan.

Season two is the second season of the CW Television series The 100. It is consisted of sixteen episodes.

The second season starts with the group still scattered and desperate to be reunited. Finn is desperate to find Clarke and he makes bad decisions. Meanwhile, Clarke tries to escape from Mount Weather.

With the arrival of the members from the Ark in that new, hostile, and unknown world, they have to confront a new reality, the world as they imagined doesn´t exist.

It´s hard to understand that the values they had in the Ark won´t help them much. They´ll have to face many dangers and moral dilemmas to rebuild their society. Soon they understand that they´ll need new and more aggressive rules. New leaders and heroes are born.

Clarke has to make hard decisions that affect her very much; for a moment, it seems the world is against her, but she is strong, a leader, and she doesn´t give up; she´s decided to protect her people, to set free her friends, no matter what.

My thoughts: I wouldn´t want to be in Clarke´s shoes. She´s strong and wise, but she has to face many people to prove her value. She has to face a broken heart, a betrayal, and many accusations.

I like the series. It´s full of adventures and there are many things happening at the same time. When the enemies were declared and they couldn´t trust anybody, even the ones that seemed to have a common interest, I kept waiting for the next event. Everything could happen; it was always a surprise. I didn´t know what would come next and it was good. I like this expectation.

Many times my jaw dropped open and I said, “Oh, no!” Many times I wanted to hold a weapon and shoot many people; my heart accelerated, I held my breath and bit my lips; my hair stood on end.

Did you watch the season? Did you like it?