Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to plan a day and get better results

I´ll start this post with a question: Who is controlling your life?

Almost my entire life I just expected things to happen. I had dreams, of course, everybody has; however, today I realize that I failed during the process to turn them into reality.

About a year ago, I did an online advanced course of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). You´ll see me talking about it very much because, this simple technique changed my life and I can´t contain my desire to share my experience with you.

The fact is, if you don´t have control of your life, something else has. You may be thinking, Oh, of course I have control of my life. I do what I want to! Are you sure about it?

What do you do when you get up every morning?

I used to pray every morning and ask God to give me wisdom and protection. It´s good, wonderful! I put my life in God´s hands. But, I didn´t do anything else! God protects us; he gives us wisdom and guides us if we let Him does it. However, it is our responsibility. We have free will!
In the last few months, I added another resource to my routine. After breakfast, I grasp my agenda and a sheet of paper. I see all my appointments for that day, all I have to do, and then, I write on the paper step-by-step what I expect from that day. I put the results I want to get that day.

For example: If I have to go somewhere, I write that I´m safe to go and return, the traffic is flowing freely, I find a good place to park, and so on.

Another example: I write every day, for this, I need inspiration and creativity. Therefore, I write on the paper: I have creativity and wisdom to write wonderful scenes.

I use to go to the gym three times a week; I include this activity in my planning too. I write: I go to the gym, I do all my exercises easily and fast, all machines I have to use are free…

You may be thinking, Are you joking?

No, I am not! I´ve tried it during the last months and the results are impressive. It works!

You can´t keep blaming the world or someone else for your failures. It´s your responsibility! Do you know the best part of it? When you accept the fact that what happens to your life is your responsibility, you have the power to change it.

While you believe that the good and bad things that happen to you are in someone´s hands or destiny´s hands, you can´t do anything do change it.

Let´s try? It´s easy, you´ll take just a few minutes to do it. Write on a paper what you expect from your day; believe that it will happen. Do it every day. The results will surprise you.

Which techniques do you use to plan your day?