Friday, January 15, 2016

Writing exciting chapters

By Cyci Cade - author of Dragon´s Curse.
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You have started your book; you have lots of ideas for characters, scenario, plot, and everything else, but do you know how to create an excellent story? Will people read your book and see the amazing story you have created in your mind? Yes? No? Maybe?

Many readers stop reading before finishing the first chapter, just a few people finish a book. Of course you want people to read your book from cover to cover, then, here there are five tips to help you let the book more attractive.

1- The first sixteen lines must be more than excellent; for that, start with action; it makes people keep stuck in your story. You need to catch the readers´ attention, leave them curious about what comes next.

2- Write short chapters. Long chapters are boring and sometimes it makes the readers forget what happened in the beginning; it´s easy to get lost with so many information. The story doesn´t develop properly.

3- Describe, show instead of tell. If you say, “John screamed angrily” (you told), you can say, “John´s loud voice hurt their ears, his face became red and his hands shook” (you showed); another example, “she cried” or “tears rolled down her face”. Much better, uh? Readers will imagine the scene, live what the character is living, feel what the character is feeling; however, be careful, don´t be too long, it makes the reader loses his/her focus.

4- Keep in the book only what makes the story moves forward; don´t be afraid of deleting words, sentences, and chapters. Read what you wrote aloud and ask, “if I delete this sentence, what will happen to the story?” If the answer is ‘nothing’, delete it. I know it is painful; when we write something we think that it is important, but when we are courageous and recognize that, what we wrote isn´t good for the text, our chances to have an amazing story increases.

5- What moves the story forward is ‘conflict’; think about what kind of conflicts your protagonists and antagonists can live. Which are your characters´ conflicts? Nobody likes to see happy characters all the time; people like to see protagonists suffering a lot during the story, and very mean antagonists; if the protagonist reaches his/her goal in the beginning or in the middle of the book, the story ends; it becomes boring.

Let´s work? Let´s try? It´s an interesting exercise.