Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What are you looking at?

By Cyci Cade, author of Dragon´s Curse.

Certainly, you´ve already heard the sentence “your body goes where your eyes are”. Sometimes I catch myself looking to my past and creating a mental fight with problems that doesn´t exist anymore but I´d like them to exist because I wanted to do something different, to change some unwise decision. It´s exhaustive since I can´t change the past, and it´s frustrating because it impedes me to go forward. I get stuck in an unpleasant place.

Believe me, I have so many things I´d like to change. I guess everybody has. Another day I said to my mother, “If it were possible to come back to certain point of our lives, God would be overloaded because every second would be somebody saying “My Lord, may I come back and change this or that?”” It´s funny, but it´s true. Who wouldn´t like to come back in time?

If we keep looking back, we´ll start to walk backward, it´ll impede us to look to our dreams and walk in their direction. Plus, it´ll cause an accident. If you don´t have your eyes on your way, if you don´t look where you´re stepping, you may trip and fall. I´m talking figuratively, but it is what happens when we don´t keep our eyes on our projects.

In this week happened one thing that bothered me a lot, surfaced many unsolved business and bad feelings. I had to handle them because I can´t harbor these feelings; I prefer to eradicate them. I reached a conclusion; I´ve spent much time keeping my eyes on the wrong things like:

• failures

• events that I don´t have control anymore

• people who harmed me and don´t worth a second of my time

• opinion of people who will never understand me

• difficulties, and so on.

Instead, I must keep my eyes on my future; live in the present, but watch to the future where my success is. Oh, God! Why sometimes is so hard to understand that we don´t have any control of the past, we can´t change it? The best we can do is to learn from mistakes and move on, forget them.

Every year, I use to do a list with my goals. As we are at the beginning of the year, I added another item to my already extensive list. I will live in the present looking to my future, to my goals, and forget the past.

I started to do it this weekend; I´ve felt much better. Bad things, problems, obstacles appear in our lives to help us to grow and improve as human being, and they have the size we want them to have. Once I heard that we choose our relationships, friends, husband, wife, partners… It´s a pattern. Pay attention to the people that are around you, to the things that are happening to you. Are you happy with them? If the answer is “no”, ask yourself what are you looking at. There´s still time to change.

What do you think? It has already hapenned to you?

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