Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dragon´s Curse - bonus material

The transformation started in his mom first. He tried to run toward her as she slumped on the ground, her body contorted and she screamed; she was suffering. It was terrible! He looked at her, his eyes widened, his mouth dropped open with shock. He didn´t understand what was going on. He thought it was a kind of spell or something like that. What other explanation he´d find for that?

However, before he reached her, he fell on my knees; a terrifying, not human sound, escaped him as he sensed the pain of thousand deaths. His bones clicked as if they were being smashed, disjointed and replaced. His flesh seemed to be torn off, separated from his bones. It was excruciating and he was  surprised for being aware. He wished he weren´t. The process was too long; soon, minutes turned into hours.

His smooth and tanned skin gave place to a rough and green leather with scales; his long and thin fingers became thick claws, sharp talons; a tail appeared at the end of his spine; his vision and hearing adjusted to his new condition, they were much more accurate.
He tried to walk, however, it was hard to move that big green body that didn´t belong to him, but he lived inside it. It was easy to picture what he had become because, in front of him, there was his mother and she was… she was… A dragon.

Many, many thousands of miles away.  

He blinked several times to adjust his vision to the whiteness of the snow; it was so bright. He knew something was wrong, but he didn´t know what was wrong. There was an old man a few feet of him, keeping a safe distance. He had a feeling of recognition, just it. The man seemed too scared to manage a word; immobile, the man seemed a statue. He tried to move toward him; deep inside he had the feeling that he could do it. It was hard.

He felt as if he was drunk and his body moved in an awkward way, his legs seemed unstable, clumsy. Dropping his gaze, he wondered why he was on his fours. It looked wrong, new, but he couldn´t say what was right either. It just seemed impossible to find balance on two legs; he wondered why he wanted to keep himself on two feet.

He tried once more and his blue claws dove in the snow as he finally managed a step.  Approaching a house, he turned his head to the side; the window reflected his image. He screamed when he saw the head of a dragon, fire escaped his mouth and he screamed more. There was something very wrong, misplaced; yet, he didn´t know what was right. That dragon´s head didn´t belong to him, but he couldn´t say how he looked like. He had the feeling that the scared old man wouldn´t give him the answers to his questions.

This is a bonus material of “Dragon´s Curse”.