Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What are you looking at?

By Cyci Cade, author of Dragon´s Curse.

Certainly, you´ve already heard the sentence “your body goes where your eyes are”. Sometimes I catch myself looking to my past and creating a mental fight with problems that doesn´t exist anymore but I´d like them to exist because I wanted to do something different, to change some unwise decision. It´s exhaustive since I can´t change the past, and it´s frustrating because it impedes me to go forward. I get stuck in an unpleasant place.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Writing exciting chapters

By Cyci Cade - author of Dragon´s Curse.
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You have started your book; you have lots of ideas for characters, scenario, plot, and everything else, but do you know how to create an excellent story? Will people read your book and see the amazing story you have created in your mind? Yes? No? Maybe?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dragon´s Curse - bonus material

The transformation started in his mom first. He tried to run toward her as she slumped on the ground, her body contorted and she screamed; she was suffering. It was terrible! He looked at her, his eyes widened, his mouth dropped open with shock. He didn´t understand what was going on. He thought it was a kind of spell or something like that. What other explanation he´d find for that?

However, before he reached her, he fell on my knees; a terrifying, not human sound, escaped him as he sensed the pain of thousand deaths. His bones clicked as if they were being smashed, disjointed and replaced. His flesh seemed to be torn off, separated from his bones. It was excruciating and he was  surprised for being aware. He wished he weren´t. The process was too long; soon, minutes turned into hours.