Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dragon´s Curse

Is it possible to change centuries of history, to change destiny? A girl seems to have this power.

Liu and Wei are twin brothers and heirs of the Dragon Dynasty. They grow up fighting for the throne and they fail in their duty, to protect the Dragon Empire.

Furious because the dragon´s heart is stolen, the Great Dragon send the eyes of the dragon to unknown places and curses the princes, the whole family and the dynasty; the Dragon changes them in dragons. The royal family is separated.

Their enemy imprisons Liu and his mother; they go live in another continent while Wei and his master remain in a hiding place in China.

In The United States, Liu, in his dragon shape, knows an American girl, Kate, who also had her life changed by a dragon when the beast took her sister from her family.

Trying to rescue her missed sister Samantha, Kate ends face to face with the animal she most fears in her life, the dragon. That encounter changes their destinies.

When the dragon touches the girl, Liu is able to return to his human shape, as well his twin brother, Wei. However, that encounter also creates an unbreakable bond between Kate and the princes.

To save her sister Samantha, Kate embarks in a journey with the princes to recover the eyes and the heart of the dragon, defeat their enemy, and break the curse. They´ll have to join their forces and face the mythological creatures and immortal guards that protect the Palace of Jade, to invade the Palace, and recover the first eye.

In the process, an unexpected thing happens; they discover that there is something much more important than power and redemption, love.